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Perspectives: 7 Branding Facts Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

The article kicks off by highlighting how technology and the Social Media space has changed the game for branding significantly and delves into 7 facts to guide businesses into branding effectively. What we really like about this article is the bite sized information that even new business owners can immediately apply to current business.

In the marketplace today, most businesses fail to realise that Branding is a critical foundational tool for starting and sustaining a company, and more importantly to achieve longevity in the fast-paced market environment.

Our Squeeze:

  1. Consistency in all aspects from the way your business looks to the way your employees communicate with your customers, is imperative for your Brand to succeed.

  2. Great brands are not built by accident but carefully planned, coordinated and executed with measurements over time to reap its benefits.

  3. Branding is not an option, but a must-have for your brand to survive long term.

  4. Knowing who your true competitors are, to perfectly align and position your brand for maximum reach to your target consumers.

  5. Focus on what are the needs for your business during the branding process rather than your wants as a business owner. This will keep your goal to maximise your business potential, objective and not subjective.

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