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8XPAND is an SaaS company, with it's primary focus in human resource management systems. The company had been developing an online service with a plethora of features, many of which were an integral part of a company's basic human resource management needs.


The challenge however, was that most of the resources and talents were spent in developing a solid product and therefore lacked in the area of user experience, clear messaging and clarity in their brand. This was observed and studied further via interviews with employees, customer purchasing behaviours and approaches to market the product to name a few.


Having understood this, we also found that there were confusion among the staff on where 8XPAND was headed and helped the management by putting things in motion that began to shape the brand.



After studying where the brand currently was and the direction 8XPAND's management wanted to pursue, it was decided unanimously to develop a new identity, messaging architecture and direction towards building purposeful products that served customer needs.


We built a coherent brand direction; developed 8XPAND's brand values, a clear customer centric brand message from vision to positioning statements, brand pillars to arrive at designing new services and visuals to represent everything that encompasses the underlying values that the business had to offer it's customers.

An intense brand engagement of 8XPAND's team was conducted and it enabled the careful and diligent management and implementation of not just the branding, but everything from user experience design, robust development process and a clear marketing methodology. 

We made an impact in increasing purpose among staff, created an efficient, brand based process and brought clarity to customers who are seeking HRMS to increase productivity in their businesses.


8XPAND has come a long way since the conclusion of our project with them; implementing various objective, evidence based advice and have seen through effective change in the way it presented itself to customers,with clarity and a sleek user centric user experience for all their customers.

To make things even sweeter, the new brand was also used to create unique processes within the company, aligning the development and marketing teams and assisting the management realise it's vision of the product to the rest of 8XPAND's skilled workforce.

It was a genuine pleasure working with 8XPAND, and a heartwarming sense of achievement witnessing their transformation and success in business unfold.

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