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From humble beginnings to hardened veterans

The Prism

Our Prism is the symbol of clarity that represents the very soul of our business practices, ensuring the transparency and clarity to our stakeholders and customers.

The light symbolises the existing practices, an unfiltered potential that is waiting to be ignited by our expertise in actualising innovative technologies.

The distilled rays signify the inspirations we bring to people with incredible products and services catered to pave the way for a sustainable bright future of human progress.

The Action Plan Prism


The Action Plan is dedicated to actively contribute to the future of Sustained Human Progress through Technology, Innovation and Critical Thinking.


Our passion to develop various products, services and content stem from understanding the primary motivations of consumers and organisations. We aim to serve the unserved market to the best of our abilities with our finger on the pulse on the needs of everyone that trusts and support us. 


Conceptualised in September of 2012, The Action Plan was formally registered as a private company in Singapore in 2013. The Action Plan has since been through phases of transformation to achieve the current operational and financial capacity. It was first founded as a one of a kind, empirically based brand consultancy with the vision of digitising frameworks to sieve through data and present meaningful results for businesses looking to cater to it's customers better. In the recent years however, this vision has expanded to include a more transparent commercial environment for consumers, and provide a platform to share, compare and clarify their perceptions on various brands, products and services.


Track Record of Excellence

As a Brand development agency in the past, We've worked with a handful of clients across various business sectors on different aspects of brand development; from identifying problem areas, crafting brand experiences and bringing them to the modern consumer. These are some of our clients from our consulting past; our expertise, skill and hard work remain relevant in The Action Plan's current business model.

Igniting, Inspiring. Always.

The Action Plan Pte. Ltd.


1 Coleman Street, #09-01, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803


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