From humble beginnings to hardened veterans


The Action Plan is dedicated to actively build a future of Sustained Human Progress through Technology, Innovation and Critical Thinking.


Our passion to develop proprietary platforms and technologies stem from understanding primary motivations of commercial entities and consumers, to bridge the gap in its collective role in our progress as a global society for a sustainable and peaceful future.   


The dream of a young man 6 years ago, The Action Plan went through phases of transformation to achieve the current operational and financial capacity. It was first founded as a traditional brand consultancy with the vision of digitising frameworks to sieve through data and present meaningful results for businesses looking to cater to it's customers better. In the recent years however, this vision has expanded to include a more transparent commercial environment for consumers, to give a voice to people from all walks of life and allowing them a larger variety of options that are beyond marketing narratives, sound bites and fickle cultural zeitgeist. 

Our Prism of Clarity

Our Prism is the symbol of clarity that represents the very soul of our business practices, ensuring the transparency and clarity to our stakeholders and customers.

The light symbolises the existing practices, an unfiltered potential that is waiting to be ignited by our expertise in actualising innovative technologies.

The distilled rays signify the inspirations we bring to people with incredible products and services catered to pave the way for a sustainable bright future of human progress.

The Next Step in Our Evolution

Our capabilities are truly realised through innovation to stay relevant in an ever-evolving market. A new initiative; dubbed the Prometheus Initiative includes 'Project Ignis' and 'Ignite the Brand', products that are beyond a brand manager's wildest dreams and an enthusiast's insatiable interest. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and exclusive invites for a new breakthrough in Brand Management.

Our Products

Meet The Team

Viknesh Kastor

Managing Director

I founded The Action Plan to apply my surgical knowledge and experience in branding to empower business growth and eradicate misunderstanding on the subject. Having reverse engineered thorough branding frameworks, they can now be  applied to humanise and strengthen Brands to improve relationships between Customers and Businesses. An innovation driven revolutionary at heart, I take it up as my life’s work to transform commerce through ethical branding while bridging the gap between business goals and consumer confidence.

  • Viknesh Kastor

Ho Wai Hong

Operations Director

I am an engineer with avid interest in how things work, with the instincts of an artist in how things could come together. I merge ideas to form new ways of doing things, making them leaner, faster and efficient. Drawing from two decades of experience in working with different industries and capacities, I effectively oversee operations and ensure the delivery of timely, cost efficient solutions to bring true value to our customers.

  • Ho Wai Hong

Rickson Goh

General Manager

Having started my career as a Multimedia Artist, I undertook a dualistic role, a hybrid between a programmer and a graphic artist, gave me an edge in executing projects singlehandedly. I’ve since been applying my pragmatic skills and experiences gained from almost a decade in the industry to further expand the capabilities of The Action Plan as a Technology Lead, innovating brands with powerful tech solutions and creatively implementing them is what I do best.

  • Rickson Goh

Hidayat Tan

Operations Executive

I manage the smooth sailing of The Action Plan by ensuring that the our clients are well looked after while tracking and manging processes, projects, tasks to be consistent and achieve our business goals. I take on an extremely targeted approach with actual data and sound matrixes to meet robust standards of productivity and push a level of efficiency that's rarely seen in businesses and organisations. 

  • Hidayat Tan

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