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Duthane Industrial Services Pte Ltd is an established company in Singapore for over 20 years, having a strong experience in a plethora of expertise across industries from Maritime to Construction, and even has a hand and interest of hygiene management in the corporate world. With offices in Singapore and Indonesia, Duthane was going through a transition period from one generation in management to the next, many of the practices and available information, communication and processes within the company needed an update and overhaul for the modern consumers.

With an innovation driven management and despite being in the industry for the duration they were in, Duthane seeked us in assisting them in modernising the business while retaining traditional values and legacy of it's sustained existence throughout the decades. Together, the existing management and new management began their journey with The Action Plan. 


One of our smoothest and collaborative projects to date, Duthane was already extremely cooperative and embracing the changes and challenges of today. The Action Plan provided Duthane a full suite of Brand Readiness for the new market, from a mutual  understanding and analysing their brand personality to developing methods to enhance their services to be both customer centric and industry transforming, every single moment was spent productively and wisely. 

Duthane saw a quick and proud transition of its brand, services and realising market potential with the help of The Action Plan. Not without it's own challenges as with any other high functioning company, Duthane stood the test of time and shifting market forces and was able to adapt throughout the project efficiently.

During this time, Duthane was able to use this new direction to further assist them establish strong networks across the region.

Tranforming business to be ready for the modern market and change management were the hallmarks of our engagement in Duthane's project, deeply fulfilling our inherent need to assist businesses with thier unique pain points and challenges.


Duthane, for some of it's immediate services is able to implement new streamlined processes that improve staff confidence and business efficiency. With new capabilties such as hygeine specialists among others, is able to serve customers on a robust, esteemed level of support when engaging with high networth and growth driven companies that care about the wellbeing of their staff and the efficient management of their businesses.

With most of it's communications, processes and challenges with the incoming change resolved, Duthane is continuing to expand it's capabilities and it's business sectors. 

An enriching mutual experience and a parallel, personal journey for both The Action Plan and Duthane, it was a very synergistic and positively driven project, that has built a great relationshionship and mutual respect and understanding for our trades.

The Action Plan Pte. Ltd.


1 Coleman Street, #09-01, The Adelphi, Singapore, 179803


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