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Creative Indoor Playspace


Kaboodle is an interesting concept to allow toddlers and children a space to learn through play, something that's been declining in recent times due to shifting cultures, parenting methods and habits. An indoor play space where fun is an understatement, it always marvelled us at how much the parents actually enjoy playing with the kids in Kaboodle. Despite being unique and ambitious in concept and appeal, it lacked that same uniqueness in it's communications and identity, which created a barrier between the very niche audience that it had attracted through word of mouth prior.

Before it was rebranded, the service heavily relied on the building blocks, with genuine attempts at materialising the vision of Kaboodle, set by Tan Mui Jin, it's founder and a mother of three. With limited advice and support, Kaboodle was in need of a complete relook into it's presence and what it stood for, to stand the test of time.


As a project that struck close to heart for what it meant to the community, we expediently and critically looked into Kaboodle's competitors, its customers and conducted several studies to qualify our observations. Having discovered more challenges after these studies, The Action Plan dived into developing not only a consistent Brand through the various processes, but proceeded to innovate and create new services and experiences through out the company.

Having CDG grant from Spring Singapore to assist in defraying costs, Kaboodle's initial vision was truly realised and materialised, providing services that are relevant and wanted by parents who were genuinely vested in their children's development, from critical thinking to motor skills development to name a few.


Positioning the brand in the way we did, allowed for every potential it had, to finally reign free and flourish. 

We delivered a refreshing take beyond the niche, innovating services for a bright future for the business and children alike.


What we saw after the relaunch of Kaboodle was astonishing, the responses from customers is overwhelming, and the additional revenue streams for the business created during the branding exercise worked like a charm. We also saw a stark increase in customer acquisition and retention, who have now made this a weekly regular activity, sometimes even several times a week. Every aspect of Kaboodle's customer journey is carefully curated, with it's target audience responding positively to what seems so natural yet subtle.


Ahead of it's time, Kaboodle is seeing an increasing amount of customers beyond it's initial niche, while corporate companies and schools engage Kaboodle for various things, such as team building exercises to Kaboodle's very own school program; "Creo" by Kaboodle.

The Action Plan Pte. Ltd.


1 Coleman Street, #09-01, The Adelphi, Singapore, 179803


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