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Everything Starts with a Spark

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Ushering in a new era for The Action Plan, from small steps to the big leap.

In late 2012, at the very inception of The Action Plan, the idea for the company and it's services was developed and designed with the intention of validating sound frameworks and build the platform that can bring it to it's full potential online. It was a way to create a more accurate and legitimate way of developing brands with practical yet unique ideas.

Developing the frameworks allowed us to assist small to medium sized companies better fulfill promises made to their customers while humanising their brands. As time went on, the asymmetry in these relationships between customers and brands became more apparent to me. It was not just about the Brands, but also the lack of a real, dedicated avenue for customers to air their sentiments, seek true reviews and ratings and gather around brands products and services they believe in, especially for hobbyists and enthusiasts who inform the casual everyday consumer to make better purchasing decisions online.

To close this gap, we quickly began work on conceptualising a solution for this problem, laying out the plans, foundations for the type of technology required as a modern solution. Part of this solution, is our platform ADIGNIS that is currently in development. It has been a challenging journey for us, from our humble beginnings, to years of refining our craft and validating our frameworks to have finally arrived at this stage of The Action Plan's patient and unwavering transition. From the many tears, hardship and heartbreaks, to the many smiles, achievements and growth. We will be updating you with progress on ADIGNIS, from it's development journey to the reveal of it's official Brand. At the moment, we have since developed most of the frontend pages of the site, you may be familiar with this as a functional look and feel of the pages, and have since moved on to further development of the backend and database. Think of this as the wizardry that happens when you click on a button or search for something and get results.

Stay tuned for more detailed updates!


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