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Eco-tourism, Shark Conservation


The Dorsal Effect was the perfect solution to the most pervasive problem in shark conservation as there was a humanised look as fishermen from underdeveloped countries were doing it to merely feed their families. Kathy Xu, the Founder of The Dorsal Effect, took it upon herself to reduce the dependency this industry was facing. 

She proceeded to create an alternative choice of sustainable income that would allow the transition from the practice of shark finning and shark fishing. 

The biggest problem, despite the overwhelming support it received, was that customers weren't attracted to travelling with The Dorsal Effect, as the brand messaging with statements such as "for shark sakes, take a holiday", did not allow for the kind of commercialisation needed for the business to succeed in it's mission.


We decided to dig deeper with a brand audit and customer interviews, we found that there were inconsistencies in key areas of communications; the real issues that were impeding on Kathy's efforts. To solve this, and various other experiential issues, we decided to refine The Dorsal Effect's Brand Personality, using it to develop a unified understanding of The Dorsal Effect in the entirety of what it stood for and what it needed.

We created a new and refreshing take on The Dorsal Effect, transforming it's identity into a more commercially attractive service than it was before to be able to achieve the mission that it sought out to achieve.

We spent a great amount of time with The Dorsal Effect over numerous meeting, even with external vendors to ensure the brand is carefully taken care of. 

We delivered a compelling shift in perception;

beyond inherent good, it was a meaningful

adventure for customers to embark on.


The months of hardwork and dedication paid of when we saw that the change in visual and verbal communications better translated the values of the business, while maintaining the company's integrity in it's vision and cause. 

The Dorsal Effect is slowly realising it's international potential on what it can achieve with it's cause and in conducting in business as a means to sustain combating a rather ardous and uphill task of conservation and preservation of the world at large.

It was professionally introspective and an eye opening journey for both the business owner and The Action Plan, which further reinforced why we do what we do, in bringing brands to the forefront of commerce to appeal to consumer sensibilities.


The Action Plan Pte. Ltd.


1 Coleman Street, #09-01, The Adelphi, Singapore, 179803


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