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Private Music School


The Music Space, was a traditional Music school that focused on encouraging musicianship in Singapore, with strong ethics in both teaching and in business. A business set up by buddying musicians, it identified issues in the industry and the lack of support for musicians both for learning intent and their deeply held aspirations.

The challenges in and of itself were ultimately financial, but many ideas and attempts at implementing them weren't effective as the venue was not conducive. The team of four saw multiple alignment issues, while Christopher Nair, one of the founders of The Music Space and it's moral backbone did his very best in realising their collective dream of providing this not only as a service, but as an experience and as a community. This is when we were approached, to inject new life into the company and reinvigorate their potential to making this dream come true. 


As we went deeper in understanding the core of both the industry in Singapore and their business, The Action Plan redefined and reinforced their purpose of their endeavour and addressed it through Brand Personality, carefully repositioning the brand. We provided innovative solutions for the way their services were rendered to reflect the brand's core message.


With a newly developed coherent brand, The Music Space was guided through in much of its Brand Communications, with an implementation plan and a consistent experience among others, as tools to embark on their entrepreneurial journey to build a space, a school, a culture and most importantly a community of musicians, enabling every individual that embarks on this journey with them to realise their potential to be a star in this crucible that polishes and produces them. 

We delivered a unique narrative for their customers;

innovating much of their services in alignment of their brand values and direction.


At the conclusion of our project with The Music Space, we had effectively enhanced the capabilities of The Music Space collectively to mentor, develop and manage home-grown artistes as a result through supporting various learning intent for music.

However, not every journey is meant to be, and soon after, The Music Space would see itself not able to continue due to various reasons within the business, with the four founders of the business moving on to greener pastures in their individual lives. Going on to positions in their primary successful careers, it would be a cautionary tale for all entrepreneurs to truly understand the vows, trials and tribunals that this journey holds before embarking on it, and carefully plan it with care.

The Action Plan had a tremendous time working with The Music Space while it was around, with amazing work being done in such momentum and passion that nothing parallels the experience ever since.

The Action Plan Pte. Ltd.


1 Coleman Street, #09-01, The Adelphi, Singapore, 179803


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