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Yuen Law LLC, saw a rapid growth of their Business since inception, run by a team of capable individuals and effectively managed by strong leadership, Yuen Law has had to manage and update it's visuals to reflect with it's success in business and it's client centric approach.

Yuen Law's project, was a particularly challenging one as there were competing ideologies and focuses, many of which needed a high level of facilitation to ensure a balance to bridge across customer's perception, market needs and business requirements.

As a CDG-approved project, The Action Plan had to carefully navigate client needs and wants, and ensure that they were in accordance with Spring Singapore's requirements.


We were able to provide additonal consultations in the beginning to eliminate any lapse in communications and proceeded to provide interim reports for our brand personality reports.

As the requirements were much different than we were exposed to, a unique client centric approach was needed to provide Yuen Law with what they needed, following the Direction of it's management instead to ensure we gave exactly what they wanted and needed.

This allowed for a successful project, where mutual kindness to each others constraints and needs prevailed to produce a set of visuals for the company.

As a highly adaptable brand consulting agency, The Action Plan provided exactly what the client needed, every step of the way with the utmost collaborative spirit. 


Yuen Law was able to use it's visuals and collaterals for the purposes it required and reflect the client centric approach across its collaterals as a result. 

An already successful business, Yuen Law LLC needed littled assistance in were very clear of their intent in engaging us from the beginning. 

It was an eye opening experience for The Action Plan to have worked with Yuen Law, and in the months following were able to improve our own services to accomodate projects of any size, requirements and challenges.


Feel free to view Yuen Law amazing team of professionals and legal capabilities on their website!

The Action Plan Pte. Ltd.


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