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Perspectives: 5 Common Branding Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

"Contrary to what most people believe, a brand is more than just a logo, a name or a tagline. It is a representation of what your business is all about, and what it aspires to be. It also embodies all the promises you make to your customers. Needless to say, your brand can be one of your company’s most valuable assets so invest some time and effort in developing, nurturing and protecting it.”

Dear business owners,

Branding agencies, consultants and strategists exist in a highly lucrative industry providing value for you, for a reason. The craft of Branding right is a process that requires careful assimilation of a particular business's strengths, weaknesses, environment, competition and market needs to position the business to have the best chance for success. If business owners are willing to invest resources such as time on themselves to understand and grow to become a better individuals over time, why would they not do the same for their business by investing in quality Branding.

The next time, someone claims to be able to do Branding for you and starts talking about designs for your logo first, sirens should start going off for you can expect just a logo, not real Branding.

Our Squeeze

  1. Poor consideration for Brand logo and Tagline can cost you dearly as it is the first impression customers perceive about your business.

  2. Maintaining consistency is key in developing a pattern with your target audience to identify images, colours, sounds, words, smell or even a taste to your business. It is alright to play around with various concepts to see which fits your business and appeals to your target audience but always remember, Consistency Is Key.

  3. Brand Experience is one of the most overlooked or underrated tool in your arsenal to keep customers and attract new ones. Most businesses, focus too much on the product and not enough on the experience losing customers in the long run. Customers may forget what you said or did for them, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Work on creating a strong Brand Experience aligned to your business.

  4. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and Websites are some opportunities that allow you to reach more customers. Invest your time in understanding the dynamics of Social Media and applying it your business.

It would be ambitious to get everyone on board as your ‘target’ customer especially if your business focuses on a very niche market. Spend your resources targeting the right market and be patient in watching your seeds bear fruit.

Work on your Brand to enhance the growth of your business.

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