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Perspectives: Is Branding, Art, Science, or a Whole Lot of Both?


Till today, branding is a concept that has not been caught on and exploited by most businesses to grow and expand their potential. Many, perceive it to be the art of capturing consumers through attractive designs while others perceive it to be a game of manipulating numbers and data to develop a sound business plan.

In this brilliant article by Mark McNeilly, he puts the Art and Science of branding into perspective and how businesses should not distinguish but integrate both these concepts to maximise the power of branding for their businesses.

Our Squeeze:

  1. Branding is a calculated blend of both the Arts and the Sciences used in various proportions by different types of businesses to find the sweet spot of their target consumers.

  2. Understanding the emotional purchase drivers of your consumers is critical in capturing them and coupled with logical reasons for why your products are better than your competitors, will reinforce your brand association with great value.

  3. Top brands in the world provide unique brand experiences that consists of creatively attracting consumers backed by data accumulated to find the optimal positioning to stand out in the eyes of their consumers, which every business should strive to achieve.

  4. Creating a strong brand takes effort, money, consistency and a strong team to execute perfectly over a period of time. Top brands thrive as consumers see the value for the branding done for the product/service they pay for, thus businesses are able to reap the financial rewards and survive.

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